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This will be my Video Vault. For Those that don't know it, In My Spare Time, I create Music Videos. I Post them on YouTube and thought this would be a Great Place to Share them as well! I Started making them around 2013, then went on Hiatus once I got the DJ gig. I recently got the bug, and started making them once again. I actually have one that has over 80,000 views!!! So, If you like any of my videos below, Please check me out on YouTube, and Subscribe to MrPikestone. Feel free to Leave me a comment anytime, at our Email address:







Avatar - Murderer

Iron Maiden - Drifter

 Slayer - Live Undead 

Rotting Christ - Demonon Vrosis

Judas Priest - The Rage

Kill Ritual - Harder Than Stone

Damageplan - Blunt Force Trauma

Iced Earth - Burning Times 

Tyr - Gates Of Hel

Ghost - Ritual

King Diamond - Blood To Walk

Running Wild - Black Demon

Sinner - Walk On the Darkside

Lamb of God - Beating on Death's Door

Scorpions - Animal Magnetism

Lizzy Borden - My Midnight Things

Uriah Heep - Think It Over

Sanctuary - Battle Angels

Abbath - To War

Witchtrap - The Queen of Hell

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